Premium Partner

Premium Partners offer their customers comprehensive support with regard to FleetBoard and telematics in general. Thanks to their experience and qualification, they are competent partners in terms of hardware retrofitting in Mercedes-Benz, Setra, and third-party brand vehicles. With the help of the FleetBoard services, customers can moreover be supported proactively and optimally in terms of maintenance planning and telediagnostics of vehicle faults. In order to help the customer as fast as possible if the FleetBoard hardware has to be repaired, the Premium Partner companies always have a basic set of FleetBoard spare parts in store.

Subsequently, you will find information on the certification requirements and on the spare parts to be provisioned, as well as an overview of the currently certified Premium Partners.

If you have any further questions on the certification procedure, please send us an e-mail to npm_fb-aftersales(at)  We will answer your request as soon as possible.