Technical Data

Here, you can find service information, installation instructions for third-party products, as well as relevant forms and guidelines particularly designed for service workshops. This information is also propagated as Service Information via e-mail to all Premium Partners. If you fail to retrieve a specific Service Information, you can find all of them summarised and available for download under the "Service Information" category. Documents which are no longer used are removed from the Premium Partner Portal.

The download documents are meant to help workshops to professionally support their FleetBoard customers. These instructions are exclusively intended for internal use. They must not be forwarded to third parties!

First-level support for workshops in the retrofitting of FleetBoard in Mercedes-Benz utility vehicles and vans

Bus-specific information package which provides first-level support for retrofitting, parts management, and processes

Overview of the retrofitting of necessary parts packages for trucks, buses, and vans                                                                                                                                                                                    

Here you can find an overview of all valid Service Information issues

Assembly instructions for the installation in non-Mercedes-Benz or Setra vehicles

Functions of the Uptime Viewer and benefits for the support of large-scale customer fleets