Uptime Viewer

Since the market introduction of the New Actros, the workshops have increasingly been dealing with vehicles which are equipped with FleetBoard. The active support of the customers via the FleetBoard "Service" and "Uptime" services is the order of the day. The UptimeViewer enables you to support several or large-scale customer fleets more efficiently. This tool helps you to monitor vehicle faults and prevent outages in proactive mode. In the past, the markets in the Netherlands and South Africa were precursors of the usage of this service. Today, Uptime is used in significantly more markets and by many workshops and/or market organisations.

 Essential functions and benefits of the UptimeViewer:

  • The UptimeViewer enables you to detect problems at the vehicle before they become visible to the customer. This allows you to take measures before the vehicle actually breaks down or before it is seriously damaged.
  • After a one-time login, you will obtain an overview of all vehicles beyond fleets and customers.
  • Critical faults (breakdown incidents/faults with a high priority) are automatically filtered and are specially displayed in a News Centre.
  • Status data (e.g. oil level) as well as diagnostics data (stored faults) and position data can be displayed on a monitor on the map and/or as a list view.

To download the Installer Client, please log in with the coresspondent access data via the following link and navigate to this section again.